sustainable bio-based aromatics


Susterea's Bio-advantaged and Drop in chemical platform

SusTerea's chemistry yields molecules with novel functionality.

SusTerea's alternative chemical conversion pathway to aromatic molecules affords the opportunity to leverage intermediates and molecules not economically accessible via petroleum based conversion pathways. 

Above all, we at SusTerea are committed to meet the needs of our customer base.  Contact us to discuss how our aromatics will be valuable for your applications.

Aromatics in the chemical industry are primarily isolated from petroleum.  In contrast, our patented technology allows us to easily access a coumalate platform to selectively target a vast spectrum of functionalized aromatic systems that span specialty and commodity chemicals.  We can obtain tailored aromatics in a high-yielding, one-pot cascade reaction, free of transition metals.  Methyl coumalate is a single step away from natural sugars and is a versatile springboard for diversification--regarding both the aromatic substituents and market sectors.  


Key technology:  biomass to aromatic compounds